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BAMBATHA MOBILE LOANS is being designed as a Micro Lending once off loans shop who is focused on reducing the overall loaning price structure, in addition to enabling business-to-business transactions for Micro Lending Once Off Loans industry. We will also attain a competitive edge by offering mobile services, which have become essential for any business presence.

The Micro lending and mortgage industry revenue doubled prior to the recession because of the unequivocal consumer demand for credit and the popular use of a wide variety of micro options for previously unqualified borrowers.

BAMBATHA MOBILE LOANS intends to establish and operate a Micro lending once off loans shop with services costing significantly less than the prices of its competitors, while supplying superior quality.

The Founders of BAMBATHA MOBILE LOANS are Thabiso Mjekelo and Mpho Mjekelo they are married couple. Thabiso has worked for more than 10 years at a Micro Lending industry and 8 years of his service, he worked as a branch manager at Bay Port Financial Services. Mpho is still working at the Micro lending company for the past 9 years now as office administrator.

The business concept is based on the opportunity that was realised by the owners of BAMBATHA MOBILE LOANS. Currently, there are a number of micro lending businesses in the Bloemfontein area that provides your traditional loaning processes. Their services are offered at relatively high prices as the current scenario is that the demand for the services is high and the supply is low. A majority of service providers have a poor understanding of the clients’ needs and are usually not trusted in terms of professionalism, efficiency and effectiveness.